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The pharmaceutical component

API and its production

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is that ingredient in any medication or drug that is active biologically. These medication substances can be produced by procedures like compound Combining, formation, fermentation and extraction or by exertion from some common assets (raw materials). API Production is done with

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The process of plant extraction usually has a big impact to the surrounding environment and society at large. Since many of the plants used in plant extraction companies are found in the society, involving the people is one of the greatest decisions these companies can



Downstream processing is the division of harvesting the insoluble elements from the cell culture which can be done through: Downstream processing -Floatation The gas is introduced in the cell culture and the solid particles get absorbed in the gas bubbles and rise to form a

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Downstream processing filtration Downstream processing filtration is used at several stages in downstream processing of the bioreactor as well as purification of water and other processing fluids e.g. sanitizing agent. the majority of purification types fall under Capture, intermediate purification and polishing. These are: Microfiltration.


Overview of chromatography and its phases

Chromatography in pharma productionis characterized as a strategy by which solutes are isolated by a dynamic differential relocation prepare in a framework comprising of at least two stages. One of which moves constantly in a provided guidance and in which the individual substances show distinctive


What is Bread fermentation

When we talk about the elaboration of bread, we know the importance of kneading and baking but the true magic happens with yeast fermentation, without that the rich bread you eat would not be possible, let’s talk a little about this fermentation and maybe you

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What are Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients –API

ctive Pharmaceutical Ingredients are parts or chemicals used in the production of pharmaceutical drugs which are active or are the main component. The active ingredient (AI) is that part of the drugs that is biologically active and is the particular constituent responsible for the likely