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The Payoff of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

In synthetic organic chemistry it can take days, or even weeks to finish producing a compound or molecule, but generally speaking, it’s worth it.


Even when things seem to be going right in the world of creating new molecules (or paths to existing ones) all sorts of steps must be taken to assure optimization. For example, even when it seems like a compound is performing as it should, only the laziest of scientists would walk away without testing that same compound under various temperature stages as well as pressure stages. Seeing how the compound performs when exposed to various stable-gases is also a very important part of the process.


Fame and Glory


Fame and glory in the field of synthetic organic chemistry may sound like a joke, and in a way it is. The average person only has a passing familiarity with the field of synthetic organic chemistry, if any familiarity at all. So it’s not like they know any “rockstars” in the field. However for many scientists in the field of synthetic organic chemistry the satisfaction comes from within. They may never get:


1: Rich

2: Famous

3: On the Cover of Magazines

4: Much of any Recognition at All
However, many of the dedicated men and women working tirelessly in this field will gladly tell you that after mixing the same end compound fifty different times (under fifty different conditions, of course.) and being able to hold up small glass tube full of a brand new compound, that no other human in the history of the world has ever had a chance to see, is all of the fame and glory that many of them need. Not that there aren’t more practical results, as well. Creating new compounds or optimizing the route to creating an existing compound can have either lucrative results or even help save lives, all depending on the compound being worked on.

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