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Essential Oils Plant Extraction and Methods of It

Everyone loves essential oils and aromatherapy.

However, almost no one that enjoys essential oils and aromtherapy knows where do essential oils come from. Well, these beautifully-smelling liquids come from plants. However, they need to somehow be taken out from the plants. That is achieved with the help of plant extraction. In order to an essential oil could be produced, it first needs to be extracted from various plants. The process of extracting various essential oils from plants is called distillation. The only downside of distillation is that it takes long time to finish with its processes. Distillation is the only method today how essential oils can be made.

Extraction of Plant Oils

When someone talks about distillation, what he/she talks about is a procedure in which a desired component is being extracted from a liquid body. That is achieved with the help of processes such as condensation and heating. What distillation is also worth mentioning for is the fact that it increases the concentration of selected methods.

Plant Extraction Methods


  • What pushes essential oils away from the plant are steam and water. Water and steam greatly help in plant extraction. That is how essential oils accumulate and leave the steam behind.
  • There is also one great way how plant extraction
  • of essential oils can be achieved. It can be achieved by stuffing a container with various plant extracts. That is an alternative way how plant extracts can be steamed before they are about to start giving out essential oils. However, this process usually doesn’t pay out since only a small amout of essential oils
  • can be produced from it.


Complex Structure

Almost every plant in the world has a complex structure. That is why plant extraction can sometimes be hard. Plant extraction of every compound depends on some particular factors. What are those factors the extraction of plants depends on? First of all, extraction of the essential oils from the plants depends on solubility. Second and last of all, plant extraction depends on extraction agents such as organic solvents and water.

The method of plant extraction and plant design greatly varies with each product and component. What is particularly hard regarding the extraction of the essential oils from plants is the generalization and extraction of isolated compounds. That is a reality because of one factor. That factor is the fact that extraction of the essential oils from plants involves several different processes. The numerous compounds that are being extracted in a manner that is very generalized. After the extraction of compounds from plants, two processes take place. Those two processed greatly differ one from another. The names of the processes that come after plant extraction are isolation and purification.

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