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HIGH POTENCY – set of vitamins, minerals and supplements

High potency is a term used to refer to a set of vitamins, minerals and supplements which can be taken by a special set of people to enhance their performance and productivity in every area of their lives.

High potency medications are usually recommended for people who have suffered from a debilitating illness and are convalescing, pregnant women or people who have one health challenge or the other.The FDA in the USA specifically defines High potency to mean vitamins and multivitamins which contain 100% or more of the required daily intake of vitamins which a person needs to maintain health and vitality.

mineral deficiency, or a Vitamin deficiency

People with one mineral deficiency, or a Vitamin deficiency have been encouraged to make use of High potency to combat their health challenge.Most of these medications are taken orally according to the dose specified by the doctor or pharmacist and people are encouraged to take these medications to help better fortify their bodies better with vitamins and minerals which they might be lacking.

The argument in support of high potency is that it provides you with all the daily required amount of vitamins and minerals needed each day.There have also been grave concerns and considerations towards the intake of high potency which include

  • If you take an adequately balanced diet there is no need for high potency as too much vitamins in the system can lead to one health risk or the other
  • Research studies indicate that intake of excess Vitamin E can pose health risks such as decreasing life span by about 6 % and even potentiate bleeding in people with one blood disorder or the other.

High potency is not that new as it has been around since 1990s. It is perhaps still an effective method of combating Vitamin deficiency and so information and knowledge about it is important and could do a world of good to help someone struggling with one health challenge or the other.

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