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The complication of plant extraction process depends on choosing the extract methods.

It can be as simple as hand-pressing a fruit to obtain fruit juice; and it can be as complex as dehydration or more with assist of big machines.


Plant extraction process for different methods


The first step of plant extraction process is preparation, it means preparing the raw materials and equipment. Different equipment is used for different materials with corresponding methods. Hereunder is the list of main plant extraction methods:

  • Pressing
  • Distillation and hydrodistillation
  • Solid/Liquid extraction
    • Maceration
    • Digestion
    • Decoction (reflux)
    • Infusion (for tea)
    • Elution/Leaching (Lixiviation)
    • Percolation

Further discussion on plant extraction process can be summarized in some main words, like the concentration consists separation/purification, filter press and some other steps to obtain a qualified product – based on the requirement of the materials and method. Another one is crystallization – it’s a chemical solid-liquid separation technique, with two major events.

And there are some others step which is advanced step for big factories (they are not going to be discussed in this article).


From raw materials to a qualified plant extraction product


A plant extraction starts with choosing the raw materials – the plants; To obtain a qualified product – raw materials need to be chosen and separated to use the right method – following the product requirement – then using the right equipment to extract the materials.

For example, a producer wants to obtain a tonic product from roses, he/she needs to choose a qualified raw materials, then choose a corresponded method like distillation, follow the steps to obtain the distilled water from roses. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that producer will obtain a qualified rose tonic. It also depends on the amount of materials, timing and other conditions.

Clearly to see the effectiveness of plant extraction process helping to turn a raw material into a product which can store longer and can be easily to control the quality.

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