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You are the person who prefers to work from home, to work closely with nature.

Or simply you need time to watch out your family, your children. But you also need to increase the family income to support your family’s life. You may want to find out more in this article about how plan extraction products help.


Starting your own business with plant extraction products


First step, you need to decide what you do best, and calculate the successful percentage of making your business plan runs.

My cousin starts with planting her own roses. She first planted roses because she likes them and she has a small planting land, which is the gap between the fence and the house. When she harvested some very first roses, she placed them in a pot and they withered after some days. Her mom told her that she should find some ways to make them useful because it’d bloomed in big quantity and it had no use of chemistry. Suddenly she remembered the demand from some of her friends on organic roses tonic.

Beared in mind that idea, she registered for a short course of plant extraction. After that, she chose distillation method of plant extraction for roses to obtain toning water. After first trial, for the second trial she gave some to family members to collect feedback. And the third times, she did the real sales and earned some good money.

The best ad for her products is homemade beauty plant extraction in high quality without preservative.


Reaching out to customers and be ready to manage your raw materials for plant extraction product


The business will not run as you expect right away, you need to prepare to store your raw materials or to make sure that you will have enough raw materials for sudden orders. Some tips can be useful:

  • Manage the orders by tracking the blooming of your materials
  • With flowers, roll them in clean dry paper (don’t wash them), then store in cool shelf of refrigerator
  • State the produce date and expired date because your product is free of preservative.

Materials which you can start your first business, like:

  • Rose tonic
  • Flowers essence
  • Product from beans
  • Dried fruits

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