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HIGH POTENCY – grave and legitimate concerns

High potency in the USA is a term which is legal and fulfills a particular requirement of the law.

According to the FDA which is a regulatory agency of government which oversees food and drug administration, High potency refers to formulas and formulations in which a tablet, dose, helping or even serving of the drug is capable of providing all the amount of vitamins needed for a day by the body.

This is backed by legislation and so any formula with High Potency written on the container will have to sufficiently meet up with all these requirements before it can out up such a term in it label. There are many of such formulations on counters all over the USA encouraging people to take them.

In as much as they promise utopia in terms of health and vitality we are constrained to ask people to proceedwith caution in taking these formulas because of the following reasons

  • There is a tendency for overdependence and a propensity to become vitamin junkies with an unnecessary and undue high intake of these formula which can turn out to be unhealthy for us.
  • Eating well balanced diet with all that is needed and not just filling ourselves with multivitamins and other mixture

These are grave and legitimate concerns which must not be brushed aside as they indicate that it is important that we check thoroughly if there is actually  a need for the intake of these formulas.

Science has the uncanny ability of proving and disproving itself as the years roll by. A regimen or mixture or preparation which was hailed as “Eureka” today may be rubbished and consigned to the dustbins of history. That being said it will bode well for us to proceed cautiously in the use or misuse of all such formulas and preparations.

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