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HIGH POTENCY – potent and good reasons

High potency refers to multivitamins which have been used by people for optimum health and vitality.

The term High potency has legal connotation as the term refers to a group of multivitamins which on a daily intake can provide for the user all the required dietary amount of vitamins for a whole day.

Proponents for the use of these vitamins argue that these vitamins help in :

  • Slowing down to the barest minimum the ageing process
  • Maintaining and even enhancing skin integrity
  • Fighting against common diseases such as cold catarrh and the likes.
  • Helping to give general body vitality in every area of life

All these are potent and good reasons for taking these medications , yet controversies also surround the intake of High Potency medication as a lot of scientist who argue against the use of these medications do so from the point of view that

  • Dietary intake on a daily basis if adequate and well balanced is sufficient for provision of all the vitamin and mineral requirement of the body
  • The long term effect of sustained use of these meds have not been studied and really cannot be quantified for now and so people are not expected to rush and throttle down in the intake of these meds
  • There is a tendency for overdependence of people on these vitamins as a means of procuring good health for themselves as opposed to healthy lifestyle full of water, exercise, food and adequate sunshine.

These High potency mixtures and preparations are being touted as a solutionor an alternative for a healthy lifestyle. We must be careful not to get carried away with what the commercials are saying because these giant companies want to make sales and so would not mind crossing lines with claims and counter claims which cannot be substantiated. We must be careful to not put ourselves in trouble

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