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Arguments against intake of High potency

High potency refers to meds which are being touted and encouraged and the next big thing in the fight of disease and gaining of strength and vitality for both ageing and young people.

There are so many of such formulations in the market today and Americans have a wide array and variety of options to choose from as concerns High potency

Yet, we might want to ask what exactly these High potency formulations are. High potency refers to a class or group of meds or supplements which according to the FDA give us about 100% or more of the required dietary intake of vitamins and minerals for one day. It is important to know that arguments exist back and forth for the potency and even risks and problems associated with the intake of these formulations.

Some people argue that we have no need to become Vitamin junkies and keep dumping vitamins into our system on a daily basis as if we are in a race against time to self-destruct. Many commentators, writers, analyst and experts in the medical field differ In opinion about the safety and or otherwise of these formulations and if at all we should be taking them.

Some of the arguments against intake of High potency include that they could cause :

  • Vitamin poisoning of our systems due to an overdose and overload of the system with vitamins. The system has vitamins being pumped into it on a daily basis without recourse to the dietary needs of the body.
  • Harmfulness of the synthetic nature of these High potency formulations. Arguments are rife that there is a difference between synthetic and natural vitamins and that the synthetic compositions do have harmful side effects. Some of these claims are of course unsubstantiated.

High potency is a subject of controversy and the end users will do well to thread with caution this path which they have chosen for themselves.

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