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HIGH POTENCY for Improved immune system

Americans the world over have moved on up in their quest to live healthier and more normal lives

This has led to the proliferation of use of a lot of supplements and health enhancing drugs. An example of some of such drugs are the High Potency drugs or supplements. High potency as a word has a legal implication to it as seen to it by the regulatory agency called FDA.

The legal implication of the word ascribes to the word the label of a supplements which will be able to give at least 100% or more of what is required by the body in term of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. As expected there are claims and counter claims to the efficacy or otherwise of such supplements in bringing out the desired effect in people who take the drug.

Some commentaries are certainly not in support of a daily dosage of these supplements on a regular basis as it is seen by these set of people as being hooked on these drugs just as a junkie will be hooked on meth or cocaine.

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Those who argue for the use of these supplements have listed some of the following as benefits for the use of the drugs and they include

Improved immune system so that users do not suffer from simple ailments that plague people such as cold catarrh , running nose and the flu

Cancer prevention is another powerful argument for the use of these supplements as their have been claims in academic quarters that they do have the potential or perhaps ability to prevent cancer. Knowing howbig an issue cancer is in this side of the world thiscould very well be a welcome development.

High potency is not so new and does have some positives about it and so use of it sparingly is encouraged

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