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When mentioning about the term of extraction, the interpretation in human’s brain explains in complex words and method automatically

In fact, it can be very simple. If you press an orange to have a fresh orange juice every morning, that the action of extraction.

Plant extraction – various methods in its process

From a plant material, there are four main methods for recovery of secondary metabolites:

  • Extraction
  • Pressing
  • Distillation
  • Steam distillation

The most important point is to understand that an extract starts from the raw material – the plants; To obtain a qualified product – producers need to choose the plants carefully and attentively (usually produce in small amount and tailormade – organic products). In this article, it’s going to discuss only the general steps of plant extraction.

As mentioned from the beginning, the action of pressing an orange is a usual extraction which gives a liquid product. Product obtains from pressing can be use daily or has an expired date depends on the purpose of producers. It can simply use the strength of human to press or simple to complex machines for different materials.

The method of distillation (direct heating) or steam distillation, it uses mainly for oils and volatile components. Many of beauty handmade producers choose this method to extract oil from herbs, flowers, roots and stem of plants. It helps to keep the original fragrance and easy to produce from home with simple tools and equipments.

Solid/Liquid extraction is a method with different ways to produce, more information can be found here.

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The benefits of plant extraction to human

Obviously, the improvement of plant extraction method helps human to produce more efficient products from different raw materials. From liquid to solid, from crystal to dried products.

It has opened up a beneficial use of raw materials, avoid from wasting the resources. Furthermore, it still has room for more research, study on the extraction method and the use of plant extraction products.

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