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A Methodological Approach to Plant Extraction

When someone speaks about plant extraction, he/she speaks about the various active substances and ingredients that were removed from various parts of the plant

This is most oftenly done with the help of solvents that treat plants.

Use of Plant Extraction

  • Many people find plant extraction useful. It is particularly useful in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • This method of the extraction of various active ingredients from plants is used in the making of various additives. It is also being used in the cosmetical industry in the making of cosmetic products that promote beauty.

Use in Cosmetics

Plant extraction is a highly used method in the making of various cosmetic products. Numerous cosmetic products that make our hair, nails, skin, teeth, and other body parts more pleasant to the eye were made with the help of this methods. Even deodorants and perfumes are made with the help of this method.

Although there are numerous plant extraction methods being used, almost every method of those methods greatly differs one from another. Each industry needs a different extraction of the plants methods. Every industrial sector uses a different plant extraction methods based on its needs and the needs of its clients. Each industry in the world, whether it is pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, perfume industry, food industry, uses different forms of this extraction method to satisfy its needs. Methods of extraction that are used in perfume industry can’t be used in food industry, and vice versa. That also applies for all the other industrial branches. Each industrial branch uses different solvents, stabilizers, and other things that are the part of plant extraction. Each industry also has different regulations and different rules when it comes to the extraction of various substances from plants.

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Qualification of Plant Extracts

As it was said, plant extraction is widely used in almost every industry that needs the active substances from various plants and plant extracts. The industrial branches that most widely use this method of extraction are the perfume industry, which uses plant extraction for extraction of essential oils that are a part of perfumes, the food industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. However, each of these industries has to follow some rules when they perform this method.

The rules that the industries that use plant extraction should follow are:

  • No allergens, radioactive materials, toxic materials, and toxic stabilizers should be used in this method of extracting ingredients from plants.
  • No nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, nitrites, foreign bodies, toxic additives should be used in this method of extracting active ingredients from plants.
  • Each industrial branch has to respect environmental preservation regulations when they it is about to perform plant extraction.

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