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What is Synthetic Organic Chemistry

What is the work of doing synthetic organic chemistry?

It aimed to build-up complex molecular structure from different smaller molecules producing synthetic organic compounds. It started way back in 1820s when chemist Friedrich Wohler discovered that urea can be made even if it wasn’t produced from a body. Instead of using an organic compound – the kidney, he found a way to produce urea using an inorganic compound – molecules that comes from nonliving sources producing a man-made compound. This idea of using inorganic compound to use for the living source is the purpose behind the synthesis of organic compounds. Thus, resulting in the idea of synthetic organic chemistry.

What is the importance of Synthetic Organic Chemistry?

We all have our natural organic chemicals found in our ecosystem but since the discovery of synthetic organic chemistry, chemists then see a pathway to create various synthesized chemicals which helped us in so many ways. In terms of medicine before the discovery of synthetic organic chemistry people depend on natural resources such as the vitamins and nutrients we get from the sun and food, now people usually depend on the medications given to them by doctors – which are examples of synthesized organic compounds. We can take note that both resources of vitamins have quite similar properties but they just differ in origins.

Two Different Ways of Synthesis:

  1. Total Synthesis – which uses purely inorganic compound as a starting material to discover a synthesis of making a new compound for a targeted molecule – which can be natural products or medicinal active ingredients.
  2. Semi-Synthesis or partial chemical synthesis – this method uses an inorganic compound with the help of an organic compound to help as a starting material for making a new compound. Generally compounds produced by this method is high in molecular weight and complex molecular targets, unlike for those produced from simple starting materials.

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