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API production process

The process of API production preparation is strict and thorough

If you have a good preparation, the process will be efficient. This will involve weighing, mixing or crushing and the documentation of the supply of all the processes having the right ingredients, the right quality and quantity at the perfect time.

A company that has the right products and solutions have the right design of the production cycle, from the raw materials to the finalised product. The process becomes more transparent and efficient.

API Production process

At the core of the API production, different reactions, reactor types and speed of reaction need flexibility in the automation process. This optimally coordinates sequential and parallel reactions and meets the high demands on reaction kinetics. Safety, mass transfer and heat. An integrated and scalable automation solution delivers this kind of flexibility.  

Step by step purification process

Crystallisation, sifting, drying, grinding, filtration, centrifuging and other combinations of processes, the removal of impurities from the API production happens at this stage. Consistent environmental conditions are one factor that needs to be delivered respective of any process one selects. To achieve this, there are supply solutions and building technology systems that are available. The solutions are customizable to increase productivity.

The final product

Process optimisation demands have led to increased API production as well as medicine production. Material properties like bulk densities, particle size, flow properties and packaging have to be achieved in a reliable manner throughout the production process.

Perfect ordination between the system processes is key to delivering the material properties and the right quantities in time. Information flow ensures that relevant processes in the store are seamless/ Some of the relevant processes that help in production and packaging include:

  1. a) Barcode
  2. b) Data matrix
  3. c) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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