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Peptide Antibiotics – broad spectrum

These peptides are potent, broad spectrum antibiotics which demonstrate potential to be novel therapeutic agents. They are also called Host Defense peptides (HDP). They fall into two  categories:-

  • Non ribosomally synthesized peptides
  • ribosomally synthesized peptides

Nonribosomally Synthesized Peptides

Peptides derived from amino acidscontaining two or more moieties are called as Nonribosomally synthesized peptides. These peptides elaborated in bacteria, fungi, and streptomycetes. They are manufactured by multiple-carrier mechanism known as thiotemplatation.

Colimycin, the colistin derivative has been developed successfully as aerosols to tackle Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections. The reason for chemical modification of the natural lipopeptide is the reduction of systemic toxicity. For toxicity concerns thosepeptides are not at all recommended to use directly on skin.

Nonribosomally synthesized peptides offer a rich source of medicines with successful antimicrobial impacts. Three types of approaches are undertaken. First is modification of existing peptides, second is putting and to use these structures as a template for chemical synthesis and diversity. In above approaches, second approach offers a great potential and generating a lot of interest. This is the best peptides information you can get online for further reference and details to study.

Ribosomally Synthesized Peptides

They are synthesized by different species (including bacteria) as a major component of the natural host defense molecules. They are obtained from mammals, insects, amphibians, plants, bacteria and even viruses. They are also synthetically prepared mimicking the natural process of preparation. Synthetic peptides can also be designed to improve factors such as specificity, stability, and toxicity.

Clinical trials are being conducted to understand various aspects of protein interactions and peptide toxicity to test their feasibility as antimicrobial agents. Peptide antibiotics are made with special ingredients and functions that are performed at the time of production of these pharmaceutical medicines. Therefore, it is why these are known so much across the world.


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