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Some plant extractions in the form of Herbs and its use in medicine and health care

Starting from the Indian Ayurvedic medicine to Chinese herbal medicine, the herbal extracts from the plants have played a vital role in the healthcare of the numerous people

Until the advent of the modern day medicine, the herbal plant extraction was the main items for the cure of diseases and the well-being of the human beings from normal flu to severe epidemics.

One of the key plant extraction that has contributed a lot for the health of the humans, at least for the Indians, is the Holy Basil, locally called as Tulsi. It is classified as an herb that has the cure for common cold, cough and all sorts of throat and nasal infections. The menthol like taste or the flavor while chewing the fresh basil leaves gives a relaxed feeling even for a bed ridden patient. The extracts of these basil leaves are main component in the ancient Ayurvedic medicine making along with the honey. It is an unwritten belief that the Honey and Tulsi extract is a life saver for most of the common diseases.

Even the modern day medicines such as cough syrups use the extracts of this plant, which has seen age long practical benefits among the people.

The plant extraction is also found to be aiding in anti-fertility effects and also in combating against cancers. These basil leaf extracts are not just used in syrups, but also in cough candies. No doubt that this plant is called the King of herbs or the Royal herb due to its benefits in the healthcare industry. In traditional Chinese medicine, the basil and its extracts are considered to have therapeutic properties. It is no doubt that this plant extractionis considered equivalent to God and is prayed in some Indian houses from the ancient past.

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