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According to the World Health Organization Active Pharmaceutical Ingredientcan be a substance that is used in a finished pharmaceutical product (EFF).

This substance in most cases is aimed at the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. It can also be for the aim of having a direct effect in restoring or correcting physiological function in the human body. (WHO 2011)

Kathlyn Stone further on defines Active Pharmaceutical Ingredientas a part of a drug that produces an effect. She added on saying that there are other drugs that have multiple active ingredients that can be used to treat different symptoms and can have different effects on the body.

Over the years production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API) have been done by pharmaceuticals companies locally within their country, but as a way of cutting costs, most companies send manufacturing over sees. In her article, Stone says that having the drugs being manufactured at a common area, there is a significant change to how the drugs are regulated with more rigorous guidelines and inspections.  

Drugs are all made up of two main ingredients which are: the API and the excipient. The API is always the main ingredient while the excipient is the substance found in the drug that its main aim is to deliver the medication to the body system, this in most cases is the inactive substance.

The strength of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredientcan vary from one drug to the other depending on the standards given by the manufactures. For instance a drug can use one test to determine the strength while another will need a different.

Every amount of API in a drug has its effect, if the drug is poorly manufactured or compromised it can lead to serious issues that can also end up to death.

Kathlyn Stone’s article states that the creation of API has caused the pharmaceutical industry to have a huge change. Unlike the days where companies used to handle the steps of drug processing from creating the drug to its administration, they now use cheaper and more effective ways of outsourcing for APIs from foreign manufactures

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