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lthough active pharmaceutical ingredient plays a major role in the production of medicine, prolonged exposure to them might have some adverse effects to the human body.

People working in the pharmaceutical industry can be directly exposed to active pharmaceutical ingredient, which might lead to a modification of the body systems. This modifications, on the other hand are the ones desirable on patients under medicinal treatments.

Although it rare for API affected victims’ cases to be published on books or media headlines, don’t be deceived that these cases do not occur, they surely do. The first case of the adverse effects of exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredient was reported in the year 1942 when some of the workers working in the diethylstilboestrol company were observed to have gynaecomastia and libido reduction.

Respiratory sensitization and bronchoconstriction can also be caused by exposure to pharmaceuticals. Exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredient like penicillin and cephalosporin contribute greatly to the development of respiratory sensitization in the human body. Other associated ingredients include cimetidine, Lisinopril and salbutamol.

Skin sensitization is another common effect associated with exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredient. This cases have been reported majorly from API companies. There are several compounds associated with the sensitization of the skin, the most common one being ranitidine. Caution has to be taken and protective measure enhanced in these companies to reduce this effect.

The above are just a few of the many effects accompanied by direct exposure to these pharmaceutical ingredients. It is therefore important that all administrators and managers of different companies consider coming up with ways of protecting their workers from these adverse effects. Many laws have been passed in regards to protecting the ordinary worker, it is therefore the mandate of all companies to implement this laws effectively.


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